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Tekken 3

Tekken 3, one of every of the simplest arcade games of its time, is currently offered on the humanoid platform. Its developer, Namco, didn’t ab initio unharness a mobile app version. however, you’ll still twig through the APK file and play it simply with the inherent or external phone mortal app.

If you’re one in every of 2 or 3 PlayStation house owners WHO have seen, played, or a minimum of detected of Tekken three, then this is often your lucky day. There are not a lot of excuses. this is often the simplest fighting game free up to now, therefore it is time to induce the controller out of your hands and go decide it up. For those people WHO are around since the start, Tekken three mobile won’t spoil.

How to play

Player selection and match entry are the same as on PlayStation and have not changed. Veteran players who play this game after a long time will be amazed by the smoothness of this game when they play Tekken 3 on an Android smartphone.

The controls are joysticks on the left and buttons on the right on your mobile screen. Initially, you will have to work with controllers, but after a few tries, you will move through combos as if you were playing on a console.

The best thing about Tekken 3 is the speed at which it is played. Every move seems to fly straight from your fingers into your character’s mind, and they obey instantly. There is virtually no delay between when you perform the movement and when it is actually performed. If you don’t have that, you might as well pack it, because the modern gamer wants that split second of reaction time, and that split second is what you get with this game.

Graphics Tekken 3

The developers have managed to provide you with arcade-quality graphics without the need for plugins. The characters and their movements are fluid and natural. It was still amazing just to sit and watch someone else play the game. All characters reacted realistically. For example, when you hit someone in the side, they slouch as if they were hit in the side. This made Tekken 3 very realistic given the age and environment you play in.

So if you have an Android device with more than 1 GB of RAM, download this game as soon as possible. You can also try the TEKKEN mobile phone from the original developer Namco.

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