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Yummy Coin: How to Invest in This New Charitable Crypto



yummy coin

New cryptocurrencies are appearing at a dizzying pace. Some of them are nothing more than get-rich-quick rug pulls. Others set out to transform the world in some way. Whether they will be successful is anyone’s guess. But the new Yummy Coin fits firmly into the latter category.

Cryptos can appeal to different people for different reasons. Some like the blockchain technology behind them. Others like the money-making opportunities they provide. However, if what the team behind the new Yummy Coin is saying is true, there may also be an altruistic nature to cryptocurrencies… like what Telcoin hopes to achieve.

Have you ever donated to charity? To be honest, most of my charitable giving happens towards the end of the year. And it’s largely for tax reasons… even though the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 reduced the impact those donations have when it comes time to file. But hey, old habits are hard to die…

When a message pops up on a credit card machine asking if I’d like to round up to the nearest dollar to donate, I have a habit of hitting the “No” button. Don’t get me wrong, I like charity. I am not an objectivist. But when I donate, I like to know that it counts. And I prefer to choose the causes to which I donate. One such cause is world hunger. This is where Yummy Coin comes into play.

Why Yummy Coin?
You wouldn’t know it at first sight. The website has clever graphics, except when it doesn’t intentionally, but this new crypto on the block serves a very healthy purpose. Meme-worthy images of a dog and a slice of pizza evoke a different vibe than trying to solve world hunger. But that is obviously the goal. And by conventional measures, the initiative is already more successful than just about anyone who hasn’t signed up for the “billionaire challenge.”

To date, the team behind Yummy Coin has already donated over $600,000 to Binance’s Lunch for Children program. After less than a month of existence, it’s an impressive feat. And any cynical reader can take a look at the charity wallet here.

So how has this new crypto raised so much money so quickly? Teamwork is needed. Teamwork of both holders and traders. You see, every time Yummy Coin is traded, a donation is triggered which is deposited into a verified charity that has as its goal the cessation of world hunger. Every Yummy Coin transaction, whether the coin is bought or sold, has an automatic transaction tax of 9%.

This tax is divided into three parts. A third return to the headlines. One third goes to the locked liquidity pool. And the final third is deposited in a charity fund. The ultimate goal is to be able to donate $700,000 to charity per week. It is a bold goal. But from the looks of it, it seems feasible in the not-too-distant future.

what the future holds
Considering the team behind Yummy Coin first conceptualized their novel crypto just a few months ago, things are off to an impressive start. The team started by bringing together a group of developers and social media marketers.

He then quickly launched a website, started a fair token launch, and locked up the Yummy Coin liquidity pool for 10 years. And before the official launch, it was announced that Yummy Coin would be fully owned by the community. Then of course it was included in PancakeSwap. But that’s not all that Yummy Coin has in store for us…

There are already plans to launch a merch market, an NFT market, and naturally a charity market. And the team plans to integrate a payment processing system that will allow cardholders to pay with Yummy Coin or via credit card. A portion of all sales will go to charitable donations.

The future looks bright for this new token. Especially if you can keep the momentum going. Which of course brings us to the big question…

How to buy delicious coins
As we mentioned earlier, Yummy Coin is listed on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. So buying it is not as easy as logging into your Coinbase account and just picking something up. But the process should be familiar to those who have already invested in new cryptocurrencies.

You need to first put some Binance Coin in your wallet. Almost any of the best crypto wallets will do. The instructions on the Yummy Coin website suggest Trust Wallet, and that’s what we’ve been using as well. Next, head over to PancakeSwap, click the “Unlock Wallet” button, transfer some Binance Coin, and exchange it for Yummy Coin. The process can be intimidating for new investors. And I’ve certainly experienced some hiccups in the process. But after executing a trade or two, you’ll be an expert.

The end result of Yummy Coin
Any way you look at it, investing in Yummy Coin is completely speculative. It is impossible to predict whether or not this new token will be headed for the moon. But if it catches on and maintains its current momentum, Yummy Coin could turn early investors into a good chunk of change. And with any luck, it will help feed hungry people around the world in the process.

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7 Common Mistakes Malaysian Lottery Players Make




7 Common Mistakes Malaysian Lottery Players Make

The Malaysian lottery is a fast-growing industry, with more than 17 million participants. That’s a lot of people who want to win money, which means that plenty of players out there make mistakes.

If you’re new to the game or haven’t played in a while, here are seven common pitfalls that will help keep you from losing big.

1. Failing to claim your winnings

The first thing you should do is claim your winnings. You can do this by calling the number on the front of your ticket or going online and filling out an online form.

If you don’t claim your winnings within certain period of time upon the keputusan 4D announced, they will be forfeited, and another player will be given their share of the prize pool instead.

This could result in more than one person winning a top prize. Players must understand this process so they can avoid making mistakes that could result in losing money due to insufficient claiming timeframes.

2. Opting for games with a high house edge

The second mistake Malaysian 4D lottery players make is opting for games with a high house edge. This is the percentage of the game’s revenue that the casino keeps, and it’s usually higher than your odds of winning.

The best example of this would be scratch cards or lotto tickets: they have an even lower chance of winning than roulette or blackjack because they require you to match all six numbers and sometimes even just three out of five!

3. Participating in illegal gambling

You might think that playing the lottery is legal in Malaysia, but it’s not. The government of the country has outlawed gambling on any kind of lottery.

You can’t even buy a ticket to play their popular Lotto 6/49 game in Singapore 4D – they only sell tickets for the National Lottery and other events.

In Indonesia and Thailand (but not Vietnam), there are also no legal lotteries at all. Instead, they have illegal games run by organized crime groups who use high-tech equipment to cheat players out of their money.

But don’t worry – there’s another reason why playing online isn’t such a good idea: since these countries have strict regulations against online casinos too.

So if you want to gamble online anywhere near Southeast Asia? Don’t even think about it.

4. Not playing as much as possible

There are a few reasons why you should play as much as possible.

  • The more you play, the more chances you have to win. A single ticket costs only RM1 and can win up to 10 prizes in any draw, but if there are many tickets for sale at once (such as on an online platform), then buying one ticket instead of purchasing multiple tickets could be worth it because the odds of winning increase significantly.

If someone buys five tickets and wins two times each time (each ticket has different odds), then that person will win RM200 from all five tickets combined!

  • The more times someone plays their numbers correctly over time, their chances of winning go up exponentially.

This means that if someone plays three draws every day for six months straight without missing a single draw date or changing their picks on those days—they could end up with over 100 million dollars worth in total prizes!

5. Betting more than you can afford to lose

This is one of the biggest mistakes Malaysian lottery players make, and it’s pretty easy to see why.

If you are in debt and don’t have enough money to pay your bills, then betting on winning numbers is just not a good idea.

You should never spend more than what’s available in your pocket or bank account because if things go wrong with winning numbers, no one will be able to help (except perhaps friends and family).

It’s also important not to borrow money from anyone else either; this could lead down a slippery slope toward financial ruin if something goes wrong during playtime.

Another thing I’d advise against doing when playing online is playing if you are feeling depressed or stressed out about life in general.

These emotions often affect our judgment skills so much that we end up making bad decisions which may cause personal harm later down the road.”

6. Not being diligent about buying tickets for every single drawing of your favorite game

  • Not being diligent about buying tickets for every single drawing of your favorite game.

If you’re playing a game where the jackpot is too big to miss, such as Grand Dragon Lotto or Perdana 4D, then it’s important that you have enough tickets in hand to guarantee yourself a share of the prize.

This means buying as many tickets as possible and making sure they’re all on board when the next drawing comes around.

If there’s one thing we know about lottery players – and it’s something we’ve seen time and time again – it’s that they tend not to be very patient when waiting for their chance at winning big. They want everything now, right now.

And so instead of sitting back and waiting patiently until their number appears onscreen as everyone else does, they’ll go out looking for another ticket (or two). At the same time, they still have some money left over from previous purchases.

7. Not taking advantage of extra chances to win

If you’re not taking advantage of extra chances to win, then you’re missing out on a lot. The more chances to win, the better.

In fact, it’s almost like an old saying: “the more money you spend on tickets, the more chances you have to win.”

The more money that goes into your lottery pool—whether buying as many scratch cards or spending cash on one big-ticket—the better your odds of winning something big! And if someone else has already bought those tickets for them?

That makes it all the easier for lucky winners (and our friends) who don’t have much left after paying off their mortgages and car loans.


The next time you play your favorite lottery game, try to avoid making these seven common lottery mistakes. They can cost you a lot of money and take away from the fun of playing the game.

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Ernst Young US 64b q1levyCNC Invests in US Venture Capital




Ernst Young US 64b q1levyCNC Invests in US Venture Capital

During the first quarter of 2018, US venture capital raised through startups increased 25.8% to $33 billion, a record for the first quarter of the year. This reflects a significant increase from the prior quarter, when sales were $28.6 billion. Additionally, since the beginning of the year, VC funding volume has grown nearly 19% over the first quarter of 2017. It also represents the largest amount of VC funding in the US to date.


While the company is known for investing in early-stage companies, it is also an active supporter of start-ups. Invest in these companies to provide mentoring and guidance. In addition, Ernst Young US 64b q1levyCNC provides financial and administrative support. It also offers assistance in system administration, mentoring, and guidance for new businesses.

While private investors do not provide traditional financing, they do offer access to financing. Private sponsors often invest their own resources in the early stages of a business. They provide invaluable mentoring, mentoring, and system administration for start-ups. These private investors are not limited to financial support; they are also willing to invest in other aspects of the business.

While technology-related businesses are popular with venture capitalists, their popularity is also on the rise. According to Pitchbook, the first quarter of 2018 saw the highest growth in VC investment in technology, media and wealth.

If you are thinking of starting a business, click here for a business guide. The first thing you have to do is figure out how to finance it.

Venture capital raised in the US increased 25.8% in the first quarter of 2018. Overall, the number of new companies increased from 58 to 86, and their overall size increased 19%. This venture capital is for start-up and early-stage organizations with a local track record. Learn more from thetechinspire
In addition to increased funding, US venture capital firms raised a record $33 billion in the first three months of 2018. The number of early-stage companies rose from 58 to 86.

The country’s most active venture fund is Ernst Young US 64b q1levycnbc, which targets early-stage and seed companies. First quarter venture capital volume increased in the areas of media, healthcare and information technology.
In the first quarter of 2018, the US venture capital industry raised $33 billion, up 25.8% from the first quarter of 2017. The number of early-stage companies increased from 58 to 86 , and the total value of all companies increased by 19 percent. One of the most active venture funds in the country, Ernst Young US 64b Q1levyCNC, focuses on early-stage companies that have not yet started operations.

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Norstrat: Know Everything about Northern Strategy




Norstrat: Know Everything about Northern Strategy

Norstrat At present, the business has developed further and reached a high position, and many people’s lives have changed due to the development of a business. But achieving this in the corporate world is not easy and every business has competitors.

No matter how capable people are of working hard and still trying to grow their business, they cannot survive a corporate battle.

Therefore, entrepreneurs need help to implement the northern strategy in their businesses.

In these cases, Norstrat scored highly to help grow the business. Here are some important details about Norstrat.

What is Norstrat?

Corporate businesses, sometimes even government and military companies, also need professional guidance to improve their performance, which is why people turn to Norstrat.

This is one of the best companies, giving great help to many people from business, government and even military. The Northern Canada strategy is a great idea to grow your business.

However, you need more knowledge about this, so Norstrat consulting helps people implement this strategy in line with their goals. This consulting company acts as the backbone for many companies to succeed.

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What is the strategy of the north of Norstrat?

Canada initially implemented a northern strategy called the Canada Northern Strategy. The Government of Canada introduced this strategy in 2007 and it now plays an important role in business development. The northern strategy was implemented in all four of Canada’s priorities, and


• Exercise of Arctic sovereignty


• Promotion of social and economic development


• Protection of ecological heritage


• Improvement and transfer of powers of the North Department.


These are four priorities, and for this, in many companies only the northern strategy has been implemented. Norstrat has experience implementing this strategy in various business areas.


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Norstrat history

Norstrat is a Canadian company, so they are experts in implementing the Nordic strategy. They started their business as a small agency in an office. But thanks to their smart and hard work in implementing the strategy, they have now covered entire areas in the US, which is considered a great success. Although it has developed well, it still has one of the offices in Canada where it started.


• Norstrat is a global integrated communications company that offers a variety of services such as digital marketing, social media marketing and public relations.

• Norstrat plans to expand its business throughout the world.


• They are also eager to find new markets in their area. • Norstrat provides clients with a wide range of services based on their needs and requirements.


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What are Norstrat’s objectives?

Norstrat is a great consulting firm to grow your business and has several goals listed below.


• Corporate identity


• Marketing support


• You can trust Norstrat access because it includes security groups.


• Student interns from Canada’s top military and police agencies introduce their strategic partners to the public.

• Business cards, brochures and letterheads are included with all Norstrat marketing products.


• Employees may wear official NORSTRAT t-shirts and polo shirts.

• In the Northern Strategy community, you will have a unique identity that you can use to promote your company or group.


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What services does Norstrat Consulting offer?

Many businessmen and the military resort to this consultancy for its extraordinary services. Some of the important services are described here.


• Offer strategic advice on your Northern Strategy campaign plan.


• Offer domain expertise


• Definition of operational requirements


• Offer help with bid management.


• Strategic business development training is provided to assist in project management.


• Change management will be provided.


• Help with the definition of the project


• Make available the strategic planning of projects.


• Risk management is provided.


Where is the Norstrat experience?

Norstrat is an expert in the implementation of the northern strategy, and the percentage of failures in its implementation and commercial development is almost zero. Now is the time to find out in which areas Norstrat is an expert.


Business development experience:

Norstrat has been noted as a leader in business growth as it has been successful in growing the federal government. They have creative and innovative work strategies and achieve the integral development of the administration.


Project management experience:

Over the last few years, Norstrat have faced challenges and achieved results on many different projects, which is why they are experts in project management.


Experience in specific capital projects:

Norstrat have completed the Radarsat II and radar constellation mission and succeeded in the naval coastal defense vessel, so they are experts in the Focused Capital project.

These are areas that they have expertise in and they also provide various training programs such as leadership development programs, professional development workshops, business coaching programs, and executive coaching programs.


bottom line:


Norstrat Consultant will offer their services in different packages and you can choose your package on their official website. All Norstrat classifications are unique and will be tailored to your requirements. Finally, the details above are the important things you need to know about a Norstrat consultant and consult them to grow your business.


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