Undoubtedly one of the most popular topics in technology today is children's access to download and use mobile apps
What mobile apps are there?

Mobile apps

You already know that there are more and more apps to be found on the market as new ones are added every day. They all correspond to the classification you need to know in order to know which one can best adapt to what you want to do, or simply so that you can classify yourself to which group your favorite application belongs to.

  • Native application. This is understood as an application developed for a specific programming language, as well as oriented to work with a specific operating system. They are usually already built into your smartphone and work regardless of whether you have an Internet connection or not.
  • Web Applications: These are applications that are not installed on the device and are used exclusively over the Internet. Usually this is the adaptation of web pages to mobile format.
  • Native web app: Also known as a hybrid app, it is downloaded from the app store and installed on the device with the icon. Depending on the type of application, some will need an internet connection to work, while others may not.

Mobile apps for kids How good are they?

Undoubtedly one of the most popular topics in technology today is children’s access to download and use mobile apps. More and more programs designed to serve children are focused on games, learning interfaces or educational entertainment, which, depending on the type of application, can be very useful. However, this topic includes more things to consider, such as being able to view inappropriate ads, being dependent on mobile devices, or being able to visit non-in-app sites by minors.

In connection with the above, many representatives express doubts about granting them access or denying them, so it is better to do this in compliance with certain security measures that guarantee the child’s access only to a purely educational program. Among these measures:

  • Keep an eye on the app before downloading it, watching its comments and ratings. Thus, you can make sure that it is really childish and harmless.
  • Use it yourself, before giving your child, see each function, how productive it is and if your child is worth spending time on it.
  • It must be a native application and does not require an internet connection to use it. Thus, it will only download it and put the mobile phone into airplane mode so that the child does not have access to anything else.
  • Finally, observe your baby while playing or learning to avoid any inconvenience, and do not let him spend more than two hours with his mobile phone.

How many applications can I download to my phone?

The number of apps that can be downloaded to a mobile phone will depend on its storage capacity and its capacity to run those specific apps. However, the average number of apps we can usually have on a smartphone is 25, of which we end up using only about 9 as users. Among the most used applications are messaging, social networking, multimedia and video games.

How much does it cost to create a mobile app?

This question is the first of many brands or entrepreneurs looking to have a site on the Google Play Store so that their customers can buy what they have to offer from the comfort of their cell phone. In fact, prices will depend on the complexity of the app, the features it includes, the purchase module, web services, and other features that can push your budget to unimaginable amounts. Since each application differs in cost depending on its nature, it is best to consult with several developers and understand from the outset that a project of this size will not be economical.

Advantages of having an app for your brand

Those companies that value technology as one of the most important resources to sell understand that the development of an App is a crucial step. With a mobile application, it is possible to reach more users, since internet traffic is higher through mobile phones, directly impacting the flow of visitors to the website, significantly improving SEO. In addition, other advantages stand out:

Increase revenue

Having a new App is incorporating another sales channel for your brand’s products or services, it’s that simple! Customers will be able to access your site as many times as they want from their mobile, and if you have a virtual store, they will have the opportunity to cancel whatever they need from anywhere.

Allows customer loyalty

Another advantage of having an App for your brand is that you are giving the client endless facilities that will make them connect more with what you offer. They will be able to have a place adapted to their favorite device with multiple offers, advertisements and functionalities different from the web that they will always have in view without the need to rewrite a url.

Another means of direct communication

An App is another means of disseminating information where you can announce all discounts, promotions and news related to your products.

Sales 24 hours a day

Although physically you are necessarily governed by an opening hours, through the App you will not have time restrictions, being able to make sales anywhere and at any time of the day. Your clients will appreciate this very much!

You will have a fully responsive site

If your website was not created entirely responsive, with an App you will have the opportunity to offer users the personalized shopping portal they wanted and with a much more aesthetic and functional appearance.

What are the Apps for?

The applications fulfill multiple functions that can be oriented to the educational, work, creative field or simply favor leisure or communication. No matter which one you choose, they have all been designed with your needs in mind and they intend to continue surprising you with the incorporation of more tasks.

Mobile applications are an open window to communication ,

the proper use of them and all the information that they can provide to carry out any activity is relevant. Use them with knowledge and in the best way to get the best out of it.If you are looking for experts, our app development team in Venezuela can help you make that project you have in mind come true.

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