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How to see the activity of your followers on Instagram



followers on Instagram

You may want to know this out of basic curiosity. However, it is also a great way to discover new creative and useful profiles to follow. So why not check out what people who follow you like about this social media app? If you think this is a great idea, you are not alone: ​​many users are wondering how to do it since the Activity tab in the Notifications section is no longer available. Our article can help you clear up any doubts you may have. Read on and find out how to find out more about your followers.

How to check the activity of your followers on Instagram

Before, you could easily see what your friends and followers liked by tapping the Activity tab in your Notifications panel. However, over a year ago, Instagram removed this feature and made it harder to get a glimpse of characters like our Instagram friends. Instagram’s explanation is that they wanted to make the app as simple as possible to use. They also claimed that they removed this card because, according to their data, not many people were actually using it. However, many users seem not to have appreciated this change. Nevertheless, also others said they were happy to know that their followers will no longer be able to see what they liked and whom they were following.

While users have the Explore section to find exciting new accounts to follow on Instagram, how can you see your followers’ activity now? To see more than just specific parts of your followers’ activity, you will need additional “snooping support”. Recent posts are part of someone’s Instagram activity with snoopreport so here is how to see them. You may miss a user’s post on your feed, but it is easy to make sure you are up to date by visiting their profile.

In the past, it was much easier to see what users you follow on Instagram liked before the Activity tab was removed. You had everything in one place and did not need to scroll much. You can still check who liked what, but the process might be a little tedious. You can see what others like if you follow the same people. When you come across an image posted by your common follower, you can tap like to see who liked the post. Then you can see if the photo is liked by the person you are interested in. In addition to seeing these basic things, you can also track your followers’ activity using third-party apps.

For example, you can use the Snoopreport app, originally created with marketing goals in mind. There is a low cost plan for this app and it allows you to monitor up to 10 users. However, since it’s a paid app, you might want to think twice before getting it – is it worth paying for it for private purposes?

However, if you are interested in monitoring your followers more closely for content marketing purposes, then it might pay off. There is only so much you can show on Instagram. Your followers have access to your posts, your followers list, and the people you follow. If you keep your profile set as public, people who do not follow you can also see that information. As we said, some people follow other users out of pure curiosity. Parents may also want to make sure their kids are safe while using Instagram. Other people use it for espionage purposes. Marketers often use tracking apps to learn more about their followers and target audience. They can find out a lot about their interests, behaviors and more and use this data to create better content for their audience.

Are you disappointed in the disappearance of the Activities tab? Well, you still have a few ways to track your followers’ activity. You can check their recent posts, follower list, and maybe see if they liked a photo posted by someone you both know. For more detailed “tracking”, some apps can help you, but try to limit your investigations with third-party apps and do not turn yourself into a Sherlock Holmes.


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Book Reviews: Alex Gurkin Develop Alone




There is no point in reinventing the wheel every time, it is better to immediately learn the design techniques that have already been created by people who have faced similar tasks. This book tells what patterns are really important when creating a SaaS project. The author has written when and under what conditions you should use developer secrets and how to apply them to your projects.

Join the hundreds of developers who have improved their project management skills thanks to the Develop Alone.

If you’ve read Alex’s books before, you know you’re in for a rich format, with information in list format, designed with the brain in mind. The Develop Alone presents design principles and patterns so that you won’t fall asleep while reading the book, learn how to solve real software product design problems and communicate in the language of patterns with other members of your team.

The book will teach you how you can develop your software project as corporations develop their projects. You’ll be taught the fundamentals in IT project development and discover the competencies you should acquire in yourself at various phases during the development process. The book will help you stay away from repeating the mistakes as the author made while working. After you’ve read this book, you’ll be able to create your own project that is successful.

Here are five reasons why you should read the Develop Alone:

  1. It will teach you how to think like a startup founder.

If you want to understand the startup mindset, then you need to read The Lean Startup. It will teach you how to think about problems and opportunities in a new way, and how to approach risk and uncertainty.

  1. It will give you practical advice on how to start and grow a startup.

Develop Alone isn’t just a theoretical book – it’s also full of practical advice. If you’re thinking about starting a startup, or if you’re already running one, then you’ll find lots of useful tips in the book.

  1. It will help you to understand the startup ecosystem.

If you want to understand the startup world, then you need to read Develop Alone. It will introduce you to the key players and institutions in the startup ecosystem, and it will give you a good understanding of how startups work.

  1. It will inspire you to change the world.

Develop Alone is an inspiring book, and it will surely inspire you to change the world. If you’re looking for a bit of motivation, then this is the book for you.

  1. It’s a great book to read if you’re interested in business and technology.

If you’re interested in business and technology, then you’ll love the book. It’s packed with insights on both subjects, and it’s written in a very engaging way.

So there you have it – five reasons why you should read Develop Alone. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


– Packed with case studies and real-world examples ( and another projects)

– Written by experienced startup founder


– Some concepts are specific to startups

Can I recommend it?

Well, if you are interested in starting your own business, or if you want to learn more about how to run a business, then this book is a must-read. I It will teach you the principles of Alex Gurkin’s approach and how to apply them to your own business. I recommend the book to be considered for reading among other best tech startup books. The book can be found at retailers in paperback and hardcover, as well as in epub format.

Develop Alone is a valuable resource for developers who want to improve their development skills. It provides insight into how to ask for help and how to structure questions. It also includes inspiring stories of how other developers have used the secret technique to solve difficult problems.

Oliver Girard,
Book Reviewer

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Y2mate download videos from YouTube Facebook etc





Y2mate allows you to convert and download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Video, Dailymotion, Youku, etc. to Mp3, Mp4 in HD quality. Y2mate supports downloading all video formats, such as MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM, etc. You can easily download thousands of videos from YouTube and other websites for free.

1. Search by name or directly paste the link of the video you want to convert.

2. Click the “Start” button to start the conversion process.

3. Select the video/audio format you want to download, then click the “Download” button.

• Unlimited downloads and always free

• High-speed video converter

• No registration is required

• Support download in all formats

how to use y2mate

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Flashlight Video Projector App for Android




Flashlight Video Projector App for Android

Do you need to observe videos and see photos on an exceedingly larger screen? With electric lamp Video Projector machine App for android- Latest version, you’ll flip your phone into a mobile projector you wish to observe videos and see photos in an exceedingly larger screen? With electric lamp Video Projector machine App for golem – Latest version, you’ll flip your phone into a mobile projector

In recent times, phones have become a very common technique, going from being a simple communication device to being our main device. Nowadays, it performs many functions, especially when combined with the Internet, which we can use for business or personal purposes. Many people have smartphones, and moreover, most people use them to watch videos and take photos. So if you need help from a UN agency to get the most efficient viewing experience, you can download the Lamp Video Projector app for Android! This app instantly turns your phone into a mobile projector.

With this app, you’ll flip any mobile torch into a transportable projector! this suggests you’ll read photos and watch videos victimization your phone by flashing it on any wall these days. Now, you’re ready to fancy streaming to the goop as you don’t ought to settle together with your phone’s tiny screen. this is often additionally helpful once you’re reviewing notes, texting, or if you simply desire a larger screen to figure with. due to a special technology, this app works well with any smartphone!

How will the electric lamp Video Projector App for humanoid Work?

Projectors square measure handy devices that permit users to ascertain photos/videos on a very larger screen. The manner this works is straightforward because the projector is often used on walls to project the photo/video that’s being shown on a smartphone/computer. Now, projectors are becoming smaller and a lot of moveable because of the strain of the many. however, have you ever ever thought of AN app that turns your phone into a projector? You’ve in all probability haven’t seen something like this, right?

With the electric lamp Video Projector App for golem, this can be all potential because of the developers of this app. The app uses golem exposure Intensity Variable Motor which is why it’s solely compatible with phones that have cameras and flashlights. With these tiny needs, you’ll be able to already get pleasure from cinema-like expertise at your home today! Watch the newest movies and shows on a giant screen, gift your work, and review notes simply.

There square measure several things that you just will do with this app nowadays. you merely have to be compelled to transfer it for free!

Features of torch Video Projector App for android

With an Associate in a Nursing app like the torch Video Projector App for golem, you don’t want a projector anymore! Here square measure the items you’ll be able to get here:

A Portable Projector – have you ever used a projector for varsity or work? we have a tendency to all skills dear and the way superb they’ll be since they’ll do heaps. Projectors are utilized in cinemas these days so as for individuals to be able to watch on a way larger screen. however, if you wish to possess a transportable projector while not paying for any price, you’ll transfer the electric lamp Video Projector App for android. Yes, this is often an associate degree app that permits you to possess a transportable projector.

You only got to have a smartphone with an electric lamp and camera for this app to figure out. Here, you’ll currently watch movies, offer shows, stream, build tutorials, and more! This app may be used for any walls or maybe floors thus you’ll simply watch or stream as you wish. There’s no got to get dear projectors that you simply can’t even bring with you all over. Compatible with smartphones – With this app, will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} relish a transportable projector today! Their area unit has several stuff you can relish here and you merely want a smartphone for this to figure out. Specifically, you’ll want a smartphone with a camera and a torch that most smartphones currently have. this implies will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} essentially use this app for any smartphone nowadays! that another app will do what torch Video Projector App for automaton can do?

Can play videos, photos, browser – Here, you’ll be able to essentially project your phone’s screen within the wall. no matter what you’re doing on the phone, it’ll be shown on the screen in real-time. this implies you’ll be able to watch movies, shows and even see photos on a larger screen. you’ll be able to even play games, do displays, stream, and a lot of. you’ll be able to conjointly do tutorials or simply play something you wish on your phone in here.

Free to install – the simplest factor concerning electric lamp Video Projector App for automation is that it’s fully liberal to transfer and install! Compared to the whole lot and thousands of bucks you’ll pay on a projector; this app may be a miracle!

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