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New Mexico State Of Cannabis w/ John Sedillo



New Mexico State Of Cannabis w/ John Sedillo

We caught up with John Sedillo who is ready to put New Mexico on the map as a major player in the Cannabis industry. John is the founder and CEO of Family Hemp Brands and Ziawanna a newly licensed cannabis company. Please enjoy our conversation with Mr. Sedillo below and be sure to check out

What keeps you motivated after working with the cannabis plant for over 25+ years?

I could answer this question in a single word, PASSION!

However, to expand on that answer, I must include that I have always felt called to be a steward of the cannabis plant. While creating and operating other successful businesses over the last 30 years, I was also quietly, yet actively developing my abilities and knowledge in the cultivation and select breeding of the amazing cannabis plant. Though I am often recognized as an experienced leader in the cannabis industry, I am really just a perpetual student that has stayed hungry and dedicated to discovering, learning, and spreading cannabis knowledge where I can. If I am fortunate, the next 25 years will also be filled with much more cannabis discoveries, learning, and sharing!

Can you tell our readers about the new affiliate/wholesale program you have recently rolled out with Family Hemp Brands?

The idea of introducing an affiliate/wholesale program was born out of the desire to provide an opportunity for small businesses or individuals with active friends, family, and social networks, a way to access our products at a wholesale level for pricing, without the heavy requirements that many brick and mortar retailers can often face. We offer very low (MOQ) buying requirements, full-size product samples, and promotional support to all of our affiliates. It’s important for us to do as much as possible to help them get started in a way that significantly increases their chances of success. Some of our affiliates simply promote our products and get paid through a basic code tracking commission structure and others both promote and sell directly to small stores and end-users and are making substantial commissions while doing so. Our affiliate/wholesale program is nothing like an MLM-type business. No gimmicks, no pyramids, no problems, just great products, good old simple direct sales, and lots of happy customers and affiliate partners.

New Mexico is rolling out its cannabis rules and regulations for adult use, what are some of the initial hurdles you foresee?

As with any new business, program, or industry, there will always be hurdles that you might see coming, as well as those that just jump up and surprise you right before the finish line.

I have to say though, New Mexico regulators have done a great job so far in getting the Adult Use Cannabis program stood up and operating in a way that gives a pathway to both small micro licensed businesses as well as larger operators to ensure a healthy, robust and diverse program that we can all be proud of. Since I’m a perfectionist at heart, I will always be of the opinion that no matter how good things may be, there is always room for improvement but as things stand currently, the New Mexico Adult-Use Cannabis program has done a great job and has continued to listen to operators and consumers alike to ensure an equitable and sustainable program for New Mexicans.

What excites you the most about the New Mexico cannabis program?

The two top things that excite me the most about the New Mexico Adult-Use Cannabis program is first, the economic benefits our state and rural communities will gain through cannabis sales, and second, is the opportunity for New Mexico to now be recognized for its regional uniqueness and the fact that our region can produce truly world-class quality cannabis. New Mexico is already well known for our world-class green chilies, now it’s time to show what we can do with cannabis as well. We bring Heat with our chilies and Fire with our cannabis!

We understand you plan to obtain several cannabis licenses, can you tell us your goals and objectives for 2022?

After growing organic smokable hemp for the past few years, my team and I learned a great deal about how to grow at scale while also maintaining a very high level of quality and consistency in our finished products. Carrying that experience forward, I entered into the Adult Use Cannabis program as a vertical operator and at this point have secured the necessary licenses as required by our state to begin operations.

I am proud to say that my company was in the top 5 for the first licenses issued for the new Adult Use cannabis program. Our production efforts are divided between our indoor and greenhouse facilities. Our single indoor operation has a modest footprint, yet is a state-of-the-art vertical tiered cultivation powerhouse, capable of producing hundreds of frosty pounds per cycle. On the farm, our twelve greenhouses utilize regenerative practices that ensure the highest quality organic cannabis available. Unlike most greenhouse operations that use pots and benches, we plant our cannabis directly into the vital living earth soil that is fortified with the use of various cover crops throughout the season. We also rely heavily on an array of beneficial insects as a primary part of our (IPM) integrated pest management program. As a long-time plant breeder, I am extremely proud that we have a large lineup of unique cannabis cultivars that offer mixed cannabinoid ratios and robust terpene profiles that are sure to keep the most demanding cannabis consumers coming back to see what we drop next. As for our packaged, manufactured products, we utilize only solventless separations to produce the cannabis oils used in our edibles, vapes, and topical products. We do this so that our customers can be sure they are consuming pure, clean, and safe products whether they vape, eat or rub it on their bodies.


You are the newest contributing writer to Grow Magazine, what can we expect in your column?

What an honor to put my knowledge and history with cannabis to work in a new and creative way. My work with cannabis has often resulted in something that I could share. Now I can share in a whole new way. The basis of my column is to tell the stories of some unnamed cannabis OGs from the yesteryears. These are stories that otherwise had been untold due to prohibition and fear of prosecution. Many of these OGs worked in extreme conditions, accomplishing amazing feats, often completely alone in stealth and secrecy. Those cannabis heroes have truly amazing stories that they could never share during the darkest days of cannabis prohibition. Although cannabis is still illegal federally, many believe we will see the re- or de-scheduling of cannabis as a schedule1 drug before long and the threat of prosecution for past activities is really no longer a concern for those individuals. Curating and sharing their stories is a way to honor them and their efforts and to remind others of the exciting, challenging, and sometimes tragic lengths that people have gone to grow and steward a plant for themselves and for others. Look for the Silverback Guerillas.

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Yummy Coin: How to Invest in This New Charitable Crypto




yummy coin

New cryptocurrencies are appearing at a dizzying pace. Some of them are nothing more than get-rich-quick rug pulls. Others set out to transform the world in some way. Whether they will be successful is anyone’s guess. But the new Yummy Coin fits firmly into the latter category.

Cryptos can appeal to different people for different reasons. Some like the blockchain technology behind them. Others like the money-making opportunities they provide. However, if what the team behind the new Yummy Coin is saying is true, there may also be an altruistic nature to cryptocurrencies… like what Telcoin hopes to achieve.

Have you ever donated to charity? To be honest, most of my charitable giving happens towards the end of the year. And it’s largely for tax reasons… even though the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 reduced the impact those donations have when it comes time to file. But hey, old habits are hard to die…

When a message pops up on a credit card machine asking if I’d like to round up to the nearest dollar to donate, I have a habit of hitting the “No” button. Don’t get me wrong, I like charity. I am not an objectivist. But when I donate, I like to know that it counts. And I prefer to choose the causes to which I donate. One such cause is world hunger. This is where Yummy Coin comes into play.

Why Yummy Coin?
You wouldn’t know it at first sight. The website has clever graphics, except when it doesn’t intentionally, but this new crypto on the block serves a very healthy purpose. Meme-worthy images of a dog and a slice of pizza evoke a different vibe than trying to solve world hunger. But that is obviously the goal. And by conventional measures, the initiative is already more successful than just about anyone who hasn’t signed up for the “billionaire challenge.”

To date, the team behind Yummy Coin has already donated over $600,000 to Binance’s Lunch for Children program. After less than a month of existence, it’s an impressive feat. And any cynical reader can take a look at the charity wallet here.

So how has this new crypto raised so much money so quickly? Teamwork is needed. Teamwork of both holders and traders. You see, every time Yummy Coin is traded, a donation is triggered which is deposited into a verified charity that has as its goal the cessation of world hunger. Every Yummy Coin transaction, whether the coin is bought or sold, has an automatic transaction tax of 9%.

This tax is divided into three parts. A third return to the headlines. One third goes to the locked liquidity pool. And the final third is deposited in a charity fund. The ultimate goal is to be able to donate $700,000 to charity per week. It is a bold goal. But from the looks of it, it seems feasible in the not-too-distant future.

what the future holds
Considering the team behind Yummy Coin first conceptualized their novel crypto just a few months ago, things are off to an impressive start. The team started by bringing together a group of developers and social media marketers.

He then quickly launched a website, started a fair token launch, and locked up the Yummy Coin liquidity pool for 10 years. And before the official launch, it was announced that Yummy Coin would be fully owned by the community. Then of course it was included in PancakeSwap. But that’s not all that Yummy Coin has in store for us…

There are already plans to launch a merch market, an NFT market, and naturally a charity market. And the team plans to integrate a payment processing system that will allow cardholders to pay with Yummy Coin or via credit card. A portion of all sales will go to charitable donations.

The future looks bright for this new token. Especially if you can keep the momentum going. Which of course brings us to the big question…

How to buy delicious coins
As we mentioned earlier, Yummy Coin is listed on the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange. So buying it is not as easy as logging into your Coinbase account and just picking something up. But the process should be familiar to those who have already invested in new cryptocurrencies.

You need to first put some Binance Coin in your wallet. Almost any of the best crypto wallets will do. The instructions on the Yummy Coin website suggest Trust Wallet, and that’s what we’ve been using as well. Next, head over to PancakeSwap, click the “Unlock Wallet” button, transfer some Binance Coin, and exchange it for Yummy Coin. The process can be intimidating for new investors. And I’ve certainly experienced some hiccups in the process. But after executing a trade or two, you’ll be an expert.

The end result of Yummy Coin
Any way you look at it, investing in Yummy Coin is completely speculative. It is impossible to predict whether or not this new token will be headed for the moon. But if it catches on and maintains its current momentum, Yummy Coin could turn early investors into a good chunk of change. And with any luck, it will help feed hungry people around the world in the process.

For anyone looking for additional investment opportunities in the crypto space, we suggest subscribing to the Manward Financial Digest e-newsletter. In it, Manward Press founder Andy Snyder helps new and experienced investors find prospects in cryptocurrencies and more. All he needs to do is enter his email address in the box below to start his path to financial freedom.

These 3 cryptos could be bigger than Bitcoin
The cheapest is only $2… but the best crypto traders are coming.

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Things You Can Expect from Private Banks




Parking the assets in the banks would be the best thing for the future. One thing is to keep in mind that private banks are a way ahead in terms of service than public sector banks. They provide outstanding financial expertise and personal attention. So, the private banks provide more lucrative schemes than the others.

Private banking is popular as a holistic financial service provider, because, they provide a one-stop solution according to the financial needs of the rich people. If the private bank doesn’t generally provide any type of service, it can rightly procure it from anywhere along with proper contacts.

Here are the things that you can expect from the private banks.

  1. Appropriate Wealth Management

Private banks not only provide safe haven for parking the assets but they provide professional wealth management tips that can lead you to acquire better financial benefits. Clients can access the bonds and other interest-bearing instruments and they are not available at the retail level along with the customized financial plan, because people who are depositing very large amounts can benefit from these types of services.

  1. Trusted Planning

With the best private bankthat is besten Privatbank as it’s called in Germanyou can get the plan of estate and trust. This is something that can rightly meet all your investment proposals. And, it is capable of delivering outstanding financial plans that will rightly meet your entire interest. Financial planners are able to assist in the proper creation of legal entities. These are like trusts and companies to the proper structure and your assets will be rightly utilized with a perfect return.

  1. Storage of Precious Metal Like Gold And Silver

Most of the private banks provide locker systems where you store your gold and silver ornaments, because these are quite sophisticated and they can store the jewelry for unlimited time. Most of the Swiss private banks are popular for this service and they park some of the largest in-house deposits.

  1. Personal Relationship Managers

When you want to park your wealth, there are several personal relationship managers who can rightly manage your needs. They do this on a personal level and are capable of delivering outstanding results without any hassle. The personal touch is the most incredible part of the private banking and it makes the clients feel like a personal touch. This is the most impressive service of the private banks.

With high-net worth, the individuals will have private access to the relationship manager. And, these clients can meet the manager personally. The banks sometimes sponsor several other things like art exhibitions, different community programs and other social and cultural programs; they are mainly designed to meet the current criteria. In this way, the awareness among the people elevates and is capable of delivering the best result without any hassle.

These are the potential reasons why people are becoming mad for parking their assets in private banks rather than public sector banks. Their overall service, security, and financial plan satisfy the customers. Therefore, if you are trying to park your assets then choose the appropriate private bank for this cause.

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Comparative law correlations




Comparative Law

Comparative Law
Comparative law is a research method or technique that allows its use in practically all areas of law, either to identify foreign legislation or to reach a solution to national problems.

Comparative law correlation with others subjects
It should be considered that comparative law can act to achieve greater enrichment in the subjects mentioned below: private international law, public international law, history of law, ethnology of law and legal sociology.

1. Comparative law and private international law
While private international law determines which is the most convenient rule to apply in comparative law cases of foreigners, it serves as an instrument to explore the rule to be applied in different legal systems. Both subjects allow for a better understanding and application of concepts, norms or laws. For example, in an international dispute between two countries, private international law intervenes to determine the jurisdiction and the rules to be applied; while, comparative law provides the tools that allow exploring and knowing the areas and institutions involved to define the laws to be applied.

2. Comparative law and public international law
Comparative law helps to understand the international rules and principles that each nation has adopted, but it also promotes the development and application of public international law. For example, the general principles of international law, stipulated in the first clause of article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, establish that international judges can apply the most appropriate international principles to solve international disputes. In the interpretation of international treaties, comparative law serves as a tool to search for a criterion or formula that is adequate for the understanding of certain words or phrases.

3. Comparative law and history of law
In legal history, the comparative method is used to understand the origin of certain legal institutions. Legal historians cannot carry out an appropriate study of a certain institution, if an analysis of its origin has not been previously carried out. Only if the birth and history of an institution are studied are there greater possibilities of understanding the current functioning of an institution. In this regard, Maine mentions about the relationship between comparative method and historical method:
I think I can venture to say that the comparative method has been profitable in providing wonderful results, but it does not differ in some of the uses of the historical method. If we take into account a certain number of contemporary events, ideas and customs we can deduce that the past form of these events, ideas and customs not only come from historical records, but from examples that have not yet died in the world and that may still be found.

4. Comparative law and ethnology of law
The economic and social changes of a nation have been able to reveal societies that, perhaps incorrectly, have been classified as ‘primitive’. In other words, migration is the result of social, political, economic and cultural changes that have managed to displace entire communities to other societies, causing them to adopt new practices and eliminate their original constitution. The task of comparative law and ethnology of law begins with studying these communities in an international context. For example, Convention No. 169 on Indigenous and Tribal Peoples in Independent Countries calls for strengthening the identity, languages and beliefs of tribal or indigenous institutions within each State.

5. Comparative law and legal sociology
If we consider the law as the formalization of social needs by a legislative body, the factors that compose it must be considered, such as the economy, culture, society or religion of a community. Comparative law and legal sociology suggest how you can contribute to building a better community by comparing different societies. Thus, for example, globalization has succeeded in bringing together internationally diversified societies and creating common patterns in a community.

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