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New Mexico State Of Cannabis w/ John Sedillo



New Mexico State Of Cannabis w/ John Sedillo

We caught up with John Sedillo who is ready to put New Mexico on the map as a major player in the Cannabis industry. John is the founder and CEO of Family Hemp Brands and Ziawanna a newly licensed cannabis company. Please enjoy our conversation with Mr. Sedillo below and be sure to check out

What keeps you motivated after working with the cannabis plant for over 25+ years?

I could answer this question in a single word, PASSION!

However, to expand on that answer, I must include that I have always felt called to be a steward of the cannabis plant. While creating and operating other successful businesses over the last 30 years, I was also quietly, yet actively developing my abilities and knowledge in the cultivation and select breeding of the amazing cannabis plant. Though I am often recognized as an experienced leader in the cannabis industry, I am really just a perpetual student that has stayed hungry and dedicated to discovering, learning, and spreading cannabis knowledge where I can. If I am fortunate, the next 25 years will also be filled with much more cannabis discoveries, learning, and sharing!

Can you tell our readers about the new affiliate/wholesale program you have recently rolled out with Family Hemp Brands?

The idea of introducing an affiliate/wholesale program was born out of the desire to provide an opportunity for small businesses or individuals with active friends, family, and social networks, a way to access our products at a wholesale level for pricing, without the heavy requirements that many brick and mortar retailers can often face. We offer very low (MOQ) buying requirements, full-size product samples, and promotional support to all of our affiliates. It’s important for us to do as much as possible to help them get started in a way that significantly increases their chances of success. Some of our affiliates simply promote our products and get paid through a basic code tracking commission structure and others both promote and sell directly to small stores and end-users and are making substantial commissions while doing so. Our affiliate/wholesale program is nothing like an MLM-type business. No gimmicks, no pyramids, no problems, just great products, good old simple direct sales, and lots of happy customers and affiliate partners.

New Mexico is rolling out its cannabis rules and regulations for adult use, what are some of the initial hurdles you foresee?

As with any new business, program, or industry, there will always be hurdles that you might see coming, as well as those that just jump up and surprise you right before the finish line.

I have to say though, New Mexico regulators have done a great job so far in getting the Adult Use Cannabis program stood up and operating in a way that gives a pathway to both small micro licensed businesses as well as larger operators to ensure a healthy, robust and diverse program that we can all be proud of. Since I’m a perfectionist at heart, I will always be of the opinion that no matter how good things may be, there is always room for improvement but as things stand currently, the New Mexico Adult-Use Cannabis program has done a great job and has continued to listen to operators and consumers alike to ensure an equitable and sustainable program for New Mexicans.

What excites you the most about the New Mexico cannabis program?

The two top things that excite me the most about the New Mexico Adult-Use Cannabis program is first, the economic benefits our state and rural communities will gain through cannabis sales, and second, is the opportunity for New Mexico to now be recognized for its regional uniqueness and the fact that our region can produce truly world-class quality cannabis. New Mexico is already well known for our world-class green chilies, now it’s time to show what we can do with cannabis as well. We bring Heat with our chilies and Fire with our cannabis!

We understand you plan to obtain several cannabis licenses, can you tell us your goals and objectives for 2022?

After growing organic smokable hemp for the past few years, my team and I learned a great deal about how to grow at scale while also maintaining a very high level of quality and consistency in our finished products. Carrying that experience forward, I entered into the Adult Use Cannabis program as a vertical operator and at this point have secured the necessary licenses as required by our state to begin operations.

I am proud to say that my company was in the top 5 for the first licenses issued for the new Adult Use cannabis program. Our production efforts are divided between our indoor and greenhouse facilities. Our single indoor operation has a modest footprint, yet is a state-of-the-art vertical tiered cultivation powerhouse, capable of producing hundreds of frosty pounds per cycle. On the farm, our twelve greenhouses utilize regenerative practices that ensure the highest quality organic cannabis available. Unlike most greenhouse operations that use pots and benches, we plant our cannabis directly into the vital living earth soil that is fortified with the use of various cover crops throughout the season. We also rely heavily on an array of beneficial insects as a primary part of our (IPM) integrated pest management program. As a long-time plant breeder, I am extremely proud that we have a large lineup of unique cannabis cultivars that offer mixed cannabinoid ratios and robust terpene profiles that are sure to keep the most demanding cannabis consumers coming back to see what we drop next. As for our packaged, manufactured products, we utilize only solventless separations to produce the cannabis oils used in our edibles, vapes, and topical products. We do this so that our customers can be sure they are consuming pure, clean, and safe products whether they vape, eat or rub it on their bodies.


You are the newest contributing writer to Grow Magazine, what can we expect in your column?

What an honor to put my knowledge and history with cannabis to work in a new and creative way. My work with cannabis has often resulted in something that I could share. Now I can share in a whole new way. The basis of my column is to tell the stories of some unnamed cannabis OGs from the yesteryears. These are stories that otherwise had been untold due to prohibition and fear of prosecution. Many of these OGs worked in extreme conditions, accomplishing amazing feats, often completely alone in stealth and secrecy. Those cannabis heroes have truly amazing stories that they could never share during the darkest days of cannabis prohibition. Although cannabis is still illegal federally, many believe we will see the re- or de-scheduling of cannabis as a schedule1 drug before long and the threat of prosecution for past activities is really no longer a concern for those individuals. Curating and sharing their stories is a way to honor them and their efforts and to remind others of the exciting, challenging, and sometimes tragic lengths that people have gone to grow and steward a plant for themselves and for others. Look for the Silverback Guerillas.

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How to Choose the Right Digital Signage Solution for Your Business



How to Choose the Right Digital Signage Solution for Your Business

If you want to increase customer engagement and drive sales, digital signage is the answer. However, many options exist, so choosing the right one for your business can be challenging.

The key is to consider your specific needs and select a solution. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:


If you want to improve your business, digital signage is an effective way to increase sales and engage your customers. It also helps you communicate important information to employees and customers across your facility.

The costs of choosing the right digital signage solution for your business vary depending on the type of content you want to display. However, general cost estimates should be considered when creating a digital signage budget.

Purchasing and maintaining hardware is one of the most significant costs associated with digital signage. This includes displays (screens), media players, mounting equipment, and more.

Another high cost is the software that allows you to control and stream content to your screens. This software can be purchased on a subscription or for a one-off fee.

Choosing the right display software is critical to saving time and money. Look for software that supports a wide range of players and operating systems. This can help you avoid expensive interface changes as you add new devices to your network.


Digital signage, like Playlister, offers excellent flexibility regarding screen content. It can vary by location (welcome center vs. executive suite), time of day, information type, and more.

It’s also possible to customize a display solution so that each screen has its unique look and feel. This can significantly benefit businesses with a brand identity and a specific communication method.

Another essential feature is the ability to manage multiple screens at once. This allows a user to create playlists and apply rules and tags to the content to control when the content appears on the screen.

An excellent digital signage solution should support a variety of content formats, such as images, videos, playlists, data from third-party applications, social media, RSS feeds, live news, and more. It should also be able to automatically render this content on the screen without any lag or friction. Additionally, it should provide reports on content sync status and download failures. These features can make the job of a digital signage manager much more manageable and help keep a business’s screens looking fresh.


A digital signage solution should integrate with other applications to provide relevant information to customers and employees. This may include news, weather, or employee performance dashboards that can be updated in real-time or at intervals.

Integration can also be a powerful way to drive sales and increase revenue. Displaying promotions and specials can help businesses attract new customers and encourage them to shop at their company.

An integrator with the proper knowledge can create a solution that combines hardware, software, content, and installation, all within a cost-effective framework. They will also provide support to ensure you use your system effectively.

Digital signage systems are now used by various industries, from restaurants to retail stores and office buildings. Airports, railway stations, and bus stops have also started using digital signage to display ETAs, live traffic maps, and vehicle schedules. The healthcare industry also joins the digital signage club with self-service kiosks, temperature monitoring, and various health-related messages.


Security is one of the most important factors when deciding on the right digital signage solution for your business. Choosing a security system that includes encryption, authentication, access control, regular updates, and data backup is crucial.

Depending on your business’s needs, there are several options to choose from. For instance, if you want to deploy an extensive enterprise-level network with image and 4K video, you should choose a digital sign that supports both large and small screen sizes and has features such as theft protection and remote management.

Aside from the physical aspect, your network’s security depends on its connectivity and data usage analysis. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that the digital signage devices are connected to a secure wireless network or authorized servers.

This can be achieved through role-based access control, wherein users have different system access levels. This will help prevent unexpected internal data breaches. It will also safeguard your devices against malicious websites and viruses that could hamper content display.


When you choose the right digital signage solution for your business, proper maintenance must measure back it. This will ensure that your investment lasts for years to come.

As with any technology, digital signage displays require daily cleaning and a periodic checkup. This will help to prevent dust, dirt, and grime build-up from taking hold on your display screens.

Indoor digital signage displays consist of polymer covers and can be easily cleaned with soapy water or a milder cleaner such as baking soda vinegar or Windex.

Outdoor interactive digital signage, on the other hand, requires special care. Investing in weatherproof materials and high-quality construction will help to keep your outdoor digital signs protected from harsh elements such as rain, wind, and heat.

The best way to maintain your digital signage system is to schedule a yearly maintenance service appointment. This will allow our team to check out all aspects of your system and make any necessary repairs before they become problems.

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How to Choose the Right Car Shipping Company for Your Needs




How to Choose the Right Car Shipping Company for Your Needs

When shipping your car, you need to choose the right company for your needs. Companies can vary greatly, so research them properly and get quotes from multiple companies. Prices can vary based on factors like your car’s length, condition, weight, and type of transport. They can also increase during specific year periods, including January and the summer.

Make a List of Your Needs

When you ship your car, choosing the right company is essential. When choosing a car shipping company, you should look at customer reviews and other feedback. They can give you an idea of a particular company’s reliability and whether they deliver on their promises. Car shipping companies are a great way to reduce the stress associated with moving your vehicle. However, it’s essential to choose the right company for your needs. Before you begin your search, make a list of your needs. Then, exclude companies that don’t offer what you need. For example, find a company that provides door-to-door service instead of terminal-to-terminal shipping. Auto shipping prices vary significantly, so you should get several quotes before committing to one company. The vehicle’s weight primarily determines the shipment cost and distance traveled. The length, height, and clearance of your vehicle can also impact shipping costs. Larger cars are generally more expensive to ship than smaller models. Another factor that influences pricing is the season. Rates tend to spike in January and summer when car carriers receive their highest demand. Choosing a car shipping company that meets all your needs and has good customer reviews is essential. This will ensure that you get a positive experience.

Check for Proper Registration

When choosing the right car shipping company for your needs, ensure they have proper registration. All auto transport companies are regulated by the Department of Transportation and must have an MC number as proof of their registration. This is a simple step that can help you avoid scams. It is also a good idea to look for a company that is insured and bonded. This will ensure that you are not liable for any losses or damages that may occur during the transport process. The best way to check for this is to do a quick Google search with the company’s name. You should be able to retrieve the DOT and MC numbers from the results page.

Another essential thing to check for is the quality of the website they have. A reputable company will take the time to make its website well-designed and easy to navigate. A poorly designed site is often a sign of a fraudulent or disreputable company.

Get Quotes from Multiple Companies

Getting multiple quotes from auto transport companies is critical to finding the best deal. It’s common for rates to be vastly different from broker to broker, so it’s essential to request quotes from several companies and compare them side by side. Car shipping quotes are calculated by analyzing market conditions and your shipment details. They’re based on your specific needs and can vary depending on your vehicle size, the distance to be shipped, and whether you need additional services. A popular way to get a car shipping quote is by using an online car shipping calculator. Some transporters have these tools on their websites, while others use them to post jobs and then let carriers bid on those shipments. The cost of shipping your car can vary significantly depending on several factors, including distance, season, and extra services like expedited service. Also, some transporters charge different prices for enclosed shipping and oversized vehicles.

Get Referrals

Getting referrals is an excellent way to find a car shipping company that fits your needs. Getting recommendations from other people who have used car shipping companies can help you save time and money. When looking for a car transporter, you should first list your needs. Then, you should get quotes from different companies and compare them. It is essential to keep in mind that the price you pay will depend on the type of transport and the time frame of your vehicle’s shipment. You should also get a binding quote from each company to avoid hidden fees. It would be best if you looked for a car transporter with a good reputation in the industry. This will give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be shipped safely and on time.


The price of a car shipping company is one of the most significant factors to consider when choosing the right one. Your vehicle is a valuable asset that you should entrust to a professional car shipping company that offers quality service. A good company will have a wide selection of services and have a track record of delivering cars to their clients on time. They will also have the resources to handle many vehicles at once. The company you choose should also offer various transport options, such as door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping. They should also be able to provide you with instant quotes, low or no deposits, and excellent customer service. In addition, they should be able to track your vehicle throughout the shipping process.

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Artis Mirip Monyet the Ultimate Guide to Understanding This Phenomenon



Artis Mirip Monyet

Artis Mirip Monyet

Have you ever come across the term “artis mirip monyet” and wondered what it means? If so, you’re not alone. This phrase has been circulating on the internet for quite some time, and it’s a subject of great interest for many people. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve deep into the world of artis mirip monyet and explore the various aspects of this phenomenon.

What Is Artis Mirip Monyet?

Artis mirip monyet is an Indonesian term that roughly translates to “celebrity who looks like a monkey.” It’s a term that has gained popularity in recent years, particularly on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. The term is used to describe celebrities who have physical features that resemble those of a monkey.

The phenomenon gained traction in Indonesia in 2017 when a young woman posted a tweet about a celebrity who she believed looked like a monkey. The tweet went viral, and soon after, people started sharing photos of other celebrities who they thought also had monkey-like features.

Why Is This Phenomenon So Popular?

The artis mirip monyet phenomenon has become popular for several reasons. For one, it’s a unique and somewhat humorous way to describe celebrities. Additionally, social media has played a significant role in popularizing the term. With platforms like Twitter and Instagram, it’s easy for people to share their opinions and photos, making it simple for the phenomenon to gain traction.

It’s worth noting that not everyone sees the humor in the artis mirip monyet trend. Some people find it offensive and disrespectful to the celebrities being targeted.


Artis Mirip Monyet

Artis Mirip Monyet

Examples of Artis Mirip Monyet

There are several Indonesian celebrities who have been dubbed artis mirip monyet. Some of the most popular examples include:

  1. Fadli Zon

Fadli Zon is an Indonesian politician and businessman who has been compared to a monkey due to his facial features. He has been a target of the artis mirip monyet trend for several years.

  1. Syahrini

Syahrini is an Indonesian singer and actress who has been described as looking like a monkey due to her large eyes and prominent cheekbones.

  1. Inul Daratista

Inul Daratista is an Indonesian dangdut singer who has also been compared to a monkey due to her facial features.

The Impact of Artis Mirip Monyet on SEO

As we mentioned earlier, the artist mirip monyet trend has gained significant traction on social media. This means that there are likely to be many articles, blog posts, and social media posts related to the trend. If you’re looking to optimize your website for SEO, you may want to consider creating content related to artis mirip monyet.

One way to do this is by writing a blog post or article that explores the phenomenon in more detail. By providing valuable and informative content, you can attract visitors to your website and potentially improve your search engine rankings.

A number of artists gave their responses when netizens insulted the ugly child to the point that they said they looked like monkeys. The following artists responded with casual replies to report to the police. So, how do the artists respond when their children are insulted to be ugly to the point where they are said to look like monkeys? Check out the following reviews.

In Conclusion

The artis mirip monyet phenomenon has taken the internet by storm, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a unique and humorous way to describe celebrities, and it has gained significant traction on social media platforms. While not everyone finds the trend amusing, it’s clear that it has captured the attention of many people.

If you’re looking to optimize your website for SEO, consider creating content related to artis mirip monyet. By providing valuable and informative content, you can attract visitors to your website and potentially improve your search engine rankings.

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